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APG 127 – Rockets, Missiles and Planes
US flights to Israel grounded. Dispatcher Mike and I discuss the Malaysia Flight 17 shoot down. Feedback and more.
APG 126 – Farnborough 2014, United Divert to Midway, TSA
Great interview with Sean McCarney, the UK Catholic Air Traffic Controller, discussing the Farnborough International Air Show! A United flight diverts to Midway Atoll,...
APG 125 – Near Misses, Drones, and Cockpit Relocation
More near misses in the news, drones, too. An Air New Zealand Captain locks his co-pilot out of the cockpit, a man sues BA...
APG 124 – Amelia Earhart Circumnavigation, Harrier Lands without Nose Gear
In this episode: Young woman sets out to reenact Amelia Earhart’s round the world adventure, United flight diverts due to slide deployment in flight,...
APG 123 – Good First Officer Traits, Heading vs Course, IAS vs Mach
The NTSB final report of probable cause in the Asiana 214 crash at SFO, Gunmen in Northern Pakistan fire upon airliner, killing a woman,...
APG 122 – Go-Around Joke, Unfit to Fly, Service Ceiling
Joking controller issues go-around, Rockefeller grandson crashes Piper Meridian, Skydiving Pilot, Unfit for Flight, lots of feedback and more!
APG 121 – Drone haters, Bomber Pilot Heroes, Planes that go Bump in the Night
Drone pilot attacked, USAF pilot offers aid to First Officer, Bonanza crash in Louisiana, big jet boo-boos, and more.