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APG 169 – I’m Captain Stubing?
NTSB: Air Traffic Controllers, and Software Complicit In Wrong-Runway Landings, Trouble in the Skies, Germanwings pilot suicide has FAA rethinking mental-health tests, and Solar...
APG 168 – Airline Hacker Guy
Update on the crash of the A400M in Seville, Spain; NTSB: Air Traffic Controllers and Software Complicit In Wrong-Runway Landings; Hawaiian Airlines A300 returns...
APG 167 – We’re Going Green

Going green? Turns out that flying is “greener” than driving. Who knew?

Lots of news this episode:...

APG 166 – Falling From The Sky? Don’t Think So.

Dr. Steph joins me on this flight!

The Dreamliner works great, 24/7/248. Don’t worry, I doubt you’ll...

APG 165 – Augmented Crew
In this episode: iPads crashing, A320s thrashing, and your great feedback!
APG 164 – Love Is In The Air
In this episode: Hacking airplanes, gear-up landings, spilled coffee, more news and feedback!
APG 163 – Preaching to the Choir
In this episode: An Alaska Airlines flight has to return due to ramp worker trapped in cargo bin, another Asiana landing incident, a...