CP #29 – Curmudgeon?

Posted on November 10th, by Capt. Jeff in Podcast. 2 comments


Am I turning into a curmudgeon? Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Holiday travel tips, “line up and wait,” feedback and more!

TSA’s 3-1-1 on Air Travel

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2 responses to “CP #29 – Curmudgeon?”

  1. Lura Vlasek says:

    There is ever-growing backlash against the “porn-o-scope or grope” new TSA options.
    How is it seen from your vantage point?

  2. Capt. Jeff says:

    Funny you should ask! I am in the process of releasing CP #30, and I talk about full-body scanners in the episode.

    Thanks for listening!
    Capt. Jeff

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