Catholic Pilot Podcast – Episode One!

Posted on September 10th, by Capt. Jeff in Podcast. 13 comments

Yes, finally! I’ve recorded my first ever try at a podcast.

Click here to listen!

Send me some feedback:, or call (304) 99PILOT. That’s (304) 997-4568. If you want to make your call for FREE, click on the “Call Me” widget over there on the right. Google Voice will call YOU. Pick up the phone, then wait for Google Voice to connect to my feedback line. Cool, huh?

Here’s the photo to which I was referring on my Mississippi River walk:
Mystery Building

Music by Tina Shafer: “Strange Life”
Artistic Director for The New York Songwriters Circle

The Best of NYSC – Vol 1

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13 responses to “Catholic Pilot Podcast – Episode One!”

  1. Sara says:

    They must have a pyramid because Memphis is the name of a city in Egypt. I could google it, but I won’t cheat. Was it the capitol at one time?

    Nice job on the podcast!

  2. jeffnielsen says:

    You’re right, Sara! Memphis was the ancient capitol of Egypt, located on the Nile River. Memphis, Tennessee is not the capitol of TN, but it is on a pretty significant river… the mighty Mississippi River.

  3. Jeff Young says:


    It’s here! YES!!!!

    Downloading it now, my brother. Can’t wait to listen!

    I’ll leave you feedback (probably tomorrow – I’m nursing my wounds tonight).



  4. Don says:

    Loved the jazzy music!

    BTW, the “war” in Airplane was somewhere over . . . over . . . . “Over Macho Grande?” “No, I’ll never get over Macho Grande . . . .”

  5. Capt. Jeff says:

    Thanks, Don. No wonder I couldn’t remember the “war!”

  6. Hooray! Captain Jeff has a podcast! Send me a promo please.

  7. Such a clever guy. That music is a big winner–I love it. I can’t decide if you’re the Rat Pack or Jerry Lewis but it’s perfect.

    It kind of reminds me of the movies in the 60’s that showed the really hip pilots. Are you hip?

    I enjoyed it–great start, and now, no pressure.

  8. Capt. Jeff says:

    Yeah, baby, I’m hip.

    Thanks for the encouragement! By the way, if you want to read insightful thoughts from a clever lady, check out Maria’s blog “Another Cup of Coffee” at

    And yes, the music is awesome. The band is the USAF jazz band Airmen of Note, the best big band in the world.

  9. Capt. Jeff says:

    Well, Michael, you were one of the first ones in with the correct answer, but, John Hack from Savannah, GA beat you by about two hours. Since this is my very first giveaway, I’ll go ahead and send one to you as well! Send me your address and requested size to Thanks for playing!

  10. Keith Thurston says:

    Hey Capt Jeff..
    About 2 years ago I walked along the same path as you along the Mississippi River there in Memphis. I thought it was beautiful watching the barges go up and down the river. I also took notice at the pyramid building. Surprised to see it closed after being built in the 90s. Anyway, the pyramid is there because of the city’s name Memphis, which is also the name of the capitol in Egypt. Anyway that riverwalk was really nice and relaxing.

    Great job on your first podcast. I am looking forward to hearing more.


  11. Christian says:

    Keep up the great work! It took me a long time, but this morning I subscribed to your podcast via iTunes.

    It was a bright and happy spot on a dark morning with drizzling rain that felt like November, when I was commuting to work. 🙂

    Due to security reasons, I have to be 2 to 3 hours in advance at the airport, when I am flying as a passenger. I am the guy, who is there 5 hours before the flight – watching the planes. 🙂

  12. Hey Jeff,

    I’m catching up on your old shows, excuse my delayed feedback. I loved the Tina Shafer song, thanks for introducing her to us.

    On the matter of a noob trying to land a 747, I wanted to share the story an old pilot buddy told me recently over a beer. He recalls vividly his first attempt to land a 747. On final approach, he descended too quickly at a low angle. Just before touchdown, a more experienced crewman on the flight deck yelled “You’re flat, HANG ON!” Instead of landing rear wheels first and easing the nose gear down, he slammed all wheels down together. Hard. The impact had so much force it dropped all
    the oxygen masks in the cabin!

    He immediately knew he’d be fired because the company had a considerable expense replacing all the masks. Fortuately, he did not lose his job. The company figured they’d spent a lot money for him to learn that lesson, it’d be foolish to fire him then 🙂

    Today he flies all freight and the load balancing is difficult to master. It took him a year to figure out how to land a 747 smoothly every time.

    Congrats on the launch and thanks for the mention in a later episode 🙂 Call us the next time your in Austin and we’ll get some more Tex-Mex!


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