APG 291 – Idiots Out Experimenting (IOE)

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  • Luke – Unloved Mad Dog [2:02:20]
  • Clarence – Feedback [2:12:02]
  • Robert – California FB [2:16:32]
  • Bill – Turbulence Announcements [2:19:13]
  • Plane Tails – Against All Odds [2:22:22]
  • Miami Rick – Short-Haul vs. Long-Haul Flying [2:45:50]
  • FO Craig – Diversion Feedback [2:52:37]
  • Nicolas, Jesus – Miami Rick as a Boy? [3:04:45]
  • Derek – Farnborough 2018? [3:09:01]
  • Richard – Time Stamps [3:13:41]
  • Eastern401 – Airlines of the past [3:17:21]



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