APG 283 – Searching for an APG Syndrome Cure

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APG 283 – Searching for an APG Syndrome Cure



  • Rebecca – Proposal Pilot style… [1:11:09]
  • Peter – APG App [1:14:07]
  • Louisiana Steve – Helicopter Thief [1:15:44]
  • Mike – ATL STARs [1:19:48]
  • Mrs. Nev – Audio Feedback [1:25:41]
  • Miami Hick – On duty commute to work [1:29:27]
  • Adam – Civil Air Patrol Cadets at EAA Airventure [1:32:11]
  • Ross – UPDATE Family seating with a child [1:35:42]
  • Jonathan – Career/Loan Advice? [1:40:50]
  • Miami Hick – Cure for APG Syndrome! [1:46:04]
  • Plane Tails – The No 9 Combuster [1:49:15]
  • Liz – Plane hits caribou while trying to land at Deadhorse Airport [2:17:52]
  • Kevski – Live ATC Joe [2:21:34]
  • Don – Wingnuts! [2:29:21]
  • Steve – First feedback, and Aviation Geek Fest Meetup Suggestion [2:32:21]



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