APG 261 – It Was Captain Nick in the Conservatory with the Disco Lights

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APG 261 – It Was Captain Nick in the Conservatory with the Disco Lights


The crew for this week’s episode: Captain Jeff, Captain Nick, and First Officer Dana

  • Wings Over Pittsburgh [18:57]
  • Aviodrome Museum Meet-Up in the Netherlands [23:25]
  • APG Coffee Fund [34:46]
  • NEWS


  • Jordan – Taxi Way Question [1:02:21]
  • Nev – Autoland and Personal Devices [1:11:54]
  • George – PEDs again [1:17:30]
  • Eoin – Booze on board Answer!! [1:30:59]
  • Bill – Hi from Left Coast, Great Video to Share [1:34:47]
  • Jim – Ohio Citation 525 Crash {1:40:25]
  • Plane Tails – The Stringbags [1:52:14]
  • How I Got Here (HIGH) 6 – Zack [2:11:35]
  • Sean – Why does my BA flight smell funny? [2:24:39]
  • Devin – This Makes Deer Look Like a Walk in the Park [2:27:44]
  • Sean – More beer on a plane… [2:29:33]
  • Niki – S Turns [2:32:20]


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