APG 193 – Flatulence is the Word

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APG 193 – Flatulence is the Word

Lleyn sheep” by User:JackhynesOwn work. Cropped and tuned in Picasa. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


Lucas – Grooved Runway Braking Action
Lucas’s Plane Spotting Website
Pasadena Brian – New MH370 Info
Swedish Jim – Some minor questions
Micah – You Asked For It, You Got It
Capt. Nick – PA Games
Barton from Lexington – Fight Director
Frik, Nick – Disabled passenger forced to crawl off United flight
Zach Walker – Aviation Disasters – Solved!
Mike Dell – Navigator humor 🙂
Carl Houghton – Airports Going Green
Ben Mikka – Airbus Factory, Flight Rosters
Tadeo (Taj) – Engine Spool-up, METARs, Unmanned Hot Air Balloons
Capt. Al – Going Green
Frik – Drone pinatas coming to your neighbourhood?
Mascha – Feedback for Flying and Marijuana and B787 Aircraft Transition Training
Cannabis and flying
Driving with a Marijuana High: How Dangerous Is It?
The DRs
Charath – APG Techie, Checklists
Tom Seagraves – Meet-up with Capt. Nick
Al and Brian – Farting sheep caused an airplane to make an emergency landing



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