APG 025 – Take Me to the Pilot

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APG 025 – Take Me to the Pilot

JetBlue captain “loses it” on flight to Las Vegas, Sir Elton’s “Take Me To The Pilot:” what the heck does it mean? More discussion about “Automation Dependency,” VNAV, RNP, and more.

Elton John’s “Take Me To The Pilot”
L.I. Couple Wants Answers After Lavatory Leak From Overhead Plane
Lanzarote 737 overran as first officer struggled to cope
Loss of control risk behind proposed 737 wiring change
Air France A320 near Basel on Feb 29th 2012, foreign object/noise on board identified as Blackberry
Disruptions: Time to Review F.A.A. Policy on Gadgets
Technology may be eroding pilot skills
FAA Seeking Comment On UAS (Drone) Test Sites
Video: Dutchman Flaps His Arms And Flies
Jets & Clouds Effects: An Ephemeral Sky Show

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2 Responses to “APG 025 – Take Me to the Pilot”

  1. PatGohn says:

    Hey thanks, Capt Jeff! 
    Elton John’s early stuff was catchy with really fun piano work. But it is definitely a crazy song that does not make much sense to me… But  just for fun, if we want to give it a theological twist, maybe I would stretch it and say that a few of the lyrics — “Take me to the Pilot of your soul” — I can only say that as a Catholic Christian, I’d have to say that Jesus is the Pilot of my soul, I’m only the co-pilot.  Glad your flying with Christ, Capt Jeff!  

  2. PatGohn says:

    Oh and very cool graphic for this show with that wavy cloud stuff going on!

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